We protect your children on every device.

Parentsaround.com, the smart parental control, will safely guide your children through the digital world.
Our centralised system is designed to avoid inappropriate content and addiction.


Our parental control software proctects any Windows computers with a patented internet filtering, time management feature and more


Our parental control application for Android tablets and smartphones allows you to manage authorized applications, define a maximum time of use...


Our parental control application for iPhone, iPod and iPad allows you to manage authorized applications, according to custom time slots.

Statistics concerning Internet usage

68 % of teenagers have already seen offensive contents.
50 % of young people go on the internet alone from their own computer.
46 % of children under the age of 18 have already experienced a bad situation online.
26 % (only) of parents with children have installed a parental control software.
23 % of young people go on the internet alone from their smartphone.
22 % of children from 8 to 17 have experienced online a situation considered as serious.

  • Internet filtering technology
  • Control of the time of use
  • Manage your applications on Android and iOS

Internet filtering for a secure browsing

- Detects and filters inappropriate pictures and websites according to the age of your children.

- Option to allow or deny access to websites.

- A secured search engine for young children.

- Not sure about the web filtering's efficiency ? Try our filtering system

Control of the time spent to diversify your children's activities

- Controls the time spent on one or more computers, smartphones and tablets.

- Create your schedules easily , and customize them ! One for "school", one for "holidays", etc.

- Add time or disconnect a user via a computer or a smartphone.

On Android smartphones and tablets

- Choose the applications that the user will be allowed to launch during authorized slots.
- Choose critical applications, accessed by children permanently.
- Change authorized applications at any moment thanks to your management console.

On iPhone, iPad and iPod

- Define authorized time slots for each device.
- Configure applications accessible inside and outside authorized time slots.
- Explicitly forbid erotic contents, iTunes, Safari, the App Store, and block in-app purchase.