Android parental control for tablet

A complete parental control for your Android tablets

  • A flexible parental control app you can remote manage
  • An efficient Web filtering tailored to your child's age
  • A simple time management feature to help him from becoming overconnected

Worried about the amount of time your kid spends on his tablet? Looking for a powerful tool to protect him when he connects to the Internet via his device? Try for free and discover an Android parental control made to protect kids and teens on their mobile phones and tablets.

Provide a safer environment for your kid on his Android tablet

Our Android parental control for tablet helps you to remotely control your kid’s activities, with features such as time management, an internet filtering system or apps blocking. Note that all of them work equally on 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi.

Download the app on your kid’s device and log-in to your dashboard to monitor his online safety.

Regulate the time your kid spends on his device

  • Define the allowed time slots per day to give your kid a custom-made planning and prevent his screen use during specific periods (during meal times, at bedtime, at school, during homework time…)
  • Set up a maximum time of use for each day to help him diversify his leisure activities.
  • Choose the essential apps available even when your kid is outside the authorized time slots.

An efficient protection for his web browsing

  • Activate a powerful Internet filtering system, tailored to your kid’s age
  • Let your kid browse online safely, without being subjected to shocking content, thanks to the safe browser app

Keep only the best of the Google Playstore

  • Manage the apps your kid can use during and outside the allowed time slots.
  • Stay informed of the apps your kid installs via email notification.
  • Forbid any new app from being installed to keep control on his screen use/

Need a safer environment for younger children?

  • Set up the restricted desktop, in which only the allowed apps are displayed on the screen
  • Let your kid watch his favorite TV programs without being subjected to any inappropriate content thanks to Tivikid, our safe video streaming app

Not convinced yet? Don’t forget you have a 30 day FREE TRIAL to test on your kid’s Android phone and on the other devices your family uses. Form your own opinion:

Need help to install and set up parental control?

Discover our tutorial for Android devices.