Frequently asked questions about Parentsaround.com parental control

Subscription and installation

How many devices can I setup my parental control on?

I haven't received an email after registration.

How can I change my password and/or my email address?

I want to renew / resume my subscription

How can I create a unique profile for each child with a cumulated time use on multiple devices?

How can I filter inappropriate content on Google, Google Image, Bing and Youtube?

What do the options 'Add one hour' and 'Disconnect users' mean?

Parental control on Windows

What are the system requirements?

How can I install my parental control software on several computers?

How to avoid my children bypassing the parental control?

What can I do if my children try to change the Windows date and time to bypass the parental control?

How to add several child profiles from the same Windows computer on my dashboard?

There is no Windows user in my management console.

What should I do if I accidentally delete a Windows user?

How to uninstall parental control on Windows?

Where can I download Parentsaround.com for Windows Phone?

Parental control on Android

What are the 'essential applications'?

How can I edit my parent access code?

Why is the application telling me that Bluetooth parameters are not available, while my device supports it?

How to uninstall parental control on Android?

How can I change a child's password in the Android app?

The app stops by itself on my Huawei phone. How can I resolve this problem?

The app stops by itself on a Samsung phone. How can I resolve this problem?

What to do if the parental control app doesn't start automatically on a Asus smartphone?

Parental control on iOS

What are the features of the iOS app?

I have to enter a passcode when I install the security profile. What is it?

How can I manage the authorized apps?

Can I limit the connection time per day or week?

I can't bind the safe browser to the parental control app.

Can I create several user sessions for my children on my iPhone / iPad / iPod?

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