iOS parental control

The iOS parental control that teaches your child to be tech savvy

  • Manage the time your kid spends on his Apple mobile device.
  • Regulate his media consumption by blocking any inappropriate websites and apps.
  • Monitor his iPhone, iPad or iPod from your own device.

A parental control app that you can manage remotely

Imagine your child being glued to his phone, exposed to shocking online content (pornography, violence, etc.) or even being tricked into accidentally buying in-apps purchases… There are a lot of risks a kid can encounter with a connected device and that concerns a lot of parents today.

This is why we want to provide an iOS parental control app that you can use to regulate the time your kid spends on his device and the content he can access. With Parentaround, you can remotely monitor his iPhone, iPad and iPod, without depriving him of his smartphone or tablet. Our parental control app works even when your kid is connected to Wifi, 34G or 4G, so he will be protected in all situations.

A parental control to prevent overconnection

  • Set a connection schedule to prevent screen use during critical moments.
  • Define the amount of time your kid can spend on his iOS device for the day and the week.
  • Restrain the access of his favourites apps when he is outside of the allowed time slots.

A device free from any inappropriate apps

  • Filter the apps according to your kid's age group.
  • Prevent unexpected expanses by blocking in-app purchases.
  • Disable any new app installs to keep only the ones that are not harmfuls or time consuming.

A solution to tackle any shocking content

  • Protect your kid from any inappropriate content such as pornography or violence : download Parentsaround safe browser for free and set up an Internet filtering system.
  • Create a list of the websites you child can or cannot access.
  • Disable his access to any explicit content in music, podcasts, iTunes, as well as any erotic content in the iBookstore.

Remote monitor his online safety wherever you are

  • Log-in to your online dashboard to set up or edit the settings of your parental control.
  • Receive a notification every time your kid asks to access an unallowed app or website and respond to his request with just one clic.

Not convinced yet? Don’t forget you have a 30 day FREE TRIAL to test on your kid’s smartphone and on the other devices your family uses. Form your own opinion:

Need help to install and set up parental control?

Discover our tutorial for iOS devices.