iPhone parental control

Give your kid a safer use of his iPhone with Parentsaround.com

  • Remote manage your child's iPhone from your own device
  • Preserve him from inappropriate Web content
  • Set time limits to prevent overconnection

A simple parental control to remote monitor your kid’s iPhone

With Parentsaround.com, protecting your kid on his iPhone has never been easier. Subscribe for 30 day free trial, download the Parentsaround.com app on your kid’s phone and go to your dashboard to:

Limit the time your kid spends on his iPhone

  • Create time slots during which he can play games, chat and browse the web safely
  • Expand the app restrictions outside the authorized time slots to prevent connection during bedtime, at school, etc.

Manage the mobile applications

  • Only allow the apps dedicated to your kid's age group: kids (-10), tweens (-12) and teens (-17) have their specific filtering level. These limits are established according to their age and needs.
  • Choose to allow or not the apps your kid wants to install
  • Prevent unwanted expenses by blocking in-app purchases

Protect your kid from any inappropriate content

  • Download our safe browser with no additional charge to complete your iPhone parental control.
  • Activate the Internet filtering and let it block websites according to your kid's date of birth, or choose a level of filtering yourself among pre-defined age groups (toddler, kids, teens…)
  • Define what movies and TV shows can be played by your kid according to his age.
  • Disallow explicit content in audio content (music, podcast, iTunes U) and books (iBookstore).

Your kid is protected on his phone everywhere, on any type of connection: 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi… Browse the Internet for his homework, connect to his friends, listen to music… All his online activities become safer thanks to our iPhone parental control.

Not convinced yet? Don’t forget you have a 30 day FREE TRIAL to test Parentsaround.com on your kid’s smartphone and on the other devices your family uses. Form your own opinion:

Need help to install and set up Parentsaround.com parental control?

Discover our tutorial for iOS devices.