iPod parental controls

The iPod parental control that guarantees a safer and responsible use

  • Manage the time your child spends on his iPod
  • Decide what kind of apps he can use
  • Prevent access to inappropriate content thanks to Parentsaround's safe browser
  • Keep an eye on your child's safety from your own device.

For parents, controlling the apps their kids use and the amount of time dedicated to screen time can be challenging. By subscribing to Parentsaround.com and by installing our iPod parental control, you will own an easy-to-use solution to engage your kid in a safer use of his iPod.

Protect your kid by tackling abusive screen time and inappropriate content

Prevent screen addiction

  • Create allowed connection schedules so your kid can use all the apps and content you have allowed him to use only during these specific periods.
  • Prevent gaming or chatting sessions at night by applying stricter rules when your kid is outside the authorized time slots.

An iPod free from any unwanted apps

  • Only allow the apps made for kids of his age, according to three age groups: kids (-10), tweens (-12) and teens (-17).
  • Disallow apps installed to be sure that no useless app will appear on your kid's iPod.
  • Forbid in-app purchases to protect your wallet from unexpected expenses.

Don’t let online shocking content hurt your kid

  • Download the Parentsaround’s safe browser with no additional charge and apply an Internet filtering system to protect him according to his age group: a kid (-10), a tween (-12) or a teenager (-17).
  • Disallow sensitive content in iTune and iBookstore to let your kid do his research safely.

A flexible parental control to gain serenity

  • Parentsaround.com works on any connection, so your kid will be protected on his iPod on 3G-4G networks as well as on Wi-Fi.
  • Need to change anything concerning your kid’s profile? You can edit your settings anytime via your online dashboard.

Not convinced yet? Don’t forget you have a 30 day FREE TRIAL to test Parentsaround.com on your kid’s Android phone or tablet and on the other devices your family uses. Form your own opinion:

Need help to install and set up Parentsaround.com parental control?

Discover our tutorial for iOS devices.