Parental control on computers

Easily install and manage parental control software on your child's Windows computer

Installation on your child's computer

1- Sign up for free with your email adress

  • Enter your email address in the subscription field to download your free parental control software.
  • You will receive an email containing a link to download the software and a temporary password.

Please note that first you have to create a Windows user session for each of your children.

2- Download parental control software on all your computers.

  • Be sure that you have an Admin session on your kid's computer before installing on it ! This session must be protected by a password only known by you. Your child must have a User session, so he won't be abble to uninstall the parental control.
  • Click on the link in the email and install the parental control software from the administrator account (< 10 MO). Done ! The Parentsaround icon will appear in the drop-down menu at the bottom right of your screen. Your child will know for how long he can still use his computer by clicking on it.
  • To install parental control software on another computer : connect yourself to your dashboard from the computer concerned, go to “Devices” and click on “Download Windows Program”.
  • All the user sessions created on the computer are now displayed on the "Users" menu in your dashboard. You can define allowed time slots and an Internet filtering level for each one of them.

From your parent dashboard

1 - Log in to your parent dashboard

  • Your dashboard allows you to manage your settings for each of your children on their devices
  • It is available at Click on Dashboard on the top right-hand corner of the page and enter your login details.
  • You can access your dashboard on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

2 - Customize your children’s sessions

  • Once you are logged in, you can customize your children’s profile. Change their name, and choose a picture (optional).
  • You can also group profiles to apply a maximum time of use to several devices. Go to “Users”, and click on the icon   next to your child’s account. A list including other profiles appears: select one of them and click on “Group”.

3 - Set allocated time slots

  • You can set up a schedule of agreed time slots for computer use. Log in to your dashboard, click on “Schedule” of the user concerned or directly from the menu. Then insert, delete or move authorized time slots for each day of the week; define a maximum time of use per day and per week.
  • You also can create and customize predefined weeks type : “School”, “Holidays”, etc. Click on “Weeks type”, then on the icon displayed on the week templates.
Management of the allowed time slots

4 - Internet filtering

  • Our parental control software automatically applies a suitable level of internet filtering according to the birth date you enter for each child use. Go to “Users”, click on “More” and “Web filtering”. At the bottom of the page, enter the birth date and click on “Use automatic web filtering”. This option is also available from the menu, via the “Web filtering” button.
  • You can modify the level of internet filtering if necessary. Here there are the five pre-set levels:
    • White list: This level only gives access to predefined sites for small kids
    • Children : This level is recommended for kids between 8 and 12
    • Teenage : recommended for teenagers between 13 and 17
    • Adults
    • Transparent (without search history)
Different levels of Web filtering
  • Please note that all websites visited by users of Parentsaround are immediately analysed (if the website isn’t already referenced in our database) according to the text (several languages) as well as pictures. All websites are then categorized. With this technology, we can continuously enrich and improve our database. A website which should theoretically be blocked, could initially be allowed while it’s being analysed. This is a matter of 1 to 2 minutes then it will be blocked.
  • Authorisations, prohibitions and visited websites: to refine the level of internet filtering, you can authorize some blocked (click the “Web Filtering” button of the user concerned, view tabs “Allowed sites” and “Forbidden sites”).
Website restrictions
  • When your children browse the internet and click on a blocked website they find relevant, they can ask you to allow it by clicking on the green link "Click to access at;". You will receive an email in which you can authorize the websites in one click.
Ask for a website
  • You can view the websites visited by your children with all the computers they used. Visted websites are ranked according to the number of visits. This helps you get a better understanding of how and when your children go online. You can ban specific websites in this list.
Internet statistics

Do you have a problem setting up the parental control software?

Feel free to read our FAQ to solve it.