Parental control on iOS

Learn to manage your parental control app on iOS

Thanks to parental control software, you can protect your kids when they go online on an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod.

To install your parental control on an iOS device, follow the instructions below or watch our video tutorial.

From your child's device

1- Downloading the application on a iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

  • To install our parental control app on an iPhone, you first have to subscribe to Once you’ve subscribed you will receive an email containing a password to log in to your dashboard.
  • Then Go to the App Store from the device you want to protect, and install the app “PA parental control”.
inscription au contrôle parental PDLP

2- Launch of the parental control

    • Launch the application
    • Log in with the password you have received after your subscription
    • You will be warned that the use of the parental control app will disrupt application icons on the device. Click on “Got it” to continue
    • Click on “Bind” to link the device to your dashboard.
  • Then, follow the 3 steps of the system configuration installation: click on “Install” until the screen informs you that the device is now protected.
  • To provide an optimum protection for your child on the internet, you can also install our safe search browser in addition to the parental control app.
  • Simply click on “Install” and you will be redirected to the App Store. Then Click on the “Download icon” and on “Open”.
  • Select “Associate” to bind the browser to the parental control app
  • Click on “OK” to complete the installation of the safe browser.

From your parent dashboard

1 - Log in to your dashboard

  • You dashboard allows you to manage your settings for each of your children on their devices
  • You can access it through the website Click on Dashboard on the top right-hand corner of the page and enter your login details.
  • Don't forget that you can access your dashboard from your PC, mobile or tablet.

2 - Creating time slots for each of your children

  • From the menu, click on “Schedule”
  • Then select the type of content that can be accessed on your child’s iPhone during these time slots
  • NB : setting up a maximum connection time is not available for iOS

3 - Defining an Internet filtering level

  • Go to your dashboard.
  • From “Users”, click on “More” and on the “Web filtering” button of the child user concerned. This option is also available in the menu, with the “Web filtering” button.
  • Choose the internet level filtering.
  • Similarly to the level of Internet filtering on computers, the iOS device’s filtering is automatically fixed by the birth date that you provide during the creation of the user. You can, if you want to, update this setting.

4 - Control access to games and apps

During the authorized time slots

In the tab “Configuration during authorized time slots“, you can configure three kinds of content :
  • Apps : you can allow or disable the installation of new apps, access to Safari and iTunes. You also can allow access to all apps or filter them by age (- 8, – 12, – 17, +17).
  • Content : you can allow or disable access to explicit content in music, podcasts, iTunes, as well as erotic content in the iBookstore. You also can allow or disable access to all movies and series, or filter them by age (- 8, – 12, – 17, +17).
  • In-app purchase : you can allow or disable in-app purchases.

Example: you decide to allow the installation of new apps and iTunes, but to block Safari. You also block explicit content, erotic content, and movies for child under 12. During the authorized time slots, your child will be allowed to install new apps and access iTunes, but Safari and all explicit content will be blocked. And your child will not be allowed to watch movies or series for 12 years and more.

Outside the authorized time slots parental control software gives you the option to choose what applications are accessible not only during authorized times slots (see above) but also outside of the scheduled time.  

For example : after 9pm you may want your child to be able to listen to music, so you allow the access to iTunes. However you don’t want him to install new games or to browse the internet late at night.

5 - How does affect your child’s device?

  • Applications which are blocked are no longer visible on the iPhone concerned, so your child can’t access them
  • If the installation of new apps is disabled, then the App Store is no longer visible on the device
  • If explicit and erotic content are blocked in iBookstore, iTunes, podcasts or music, the child user can’t access any content considered as explicit by Apple
  • If in-app purchases are disabled and your child tries to buy something in a game, a popup message will inform them that the App Store is no longer accessible.

To disable or to uninstall the parental control app on the device

  • If you want to temporarily disable the parental control app to use the device without any restriction, login to the application with your ID and password, and move the cursor to “off”. Don’t forget to re-activate it when you’ve finished.
  • If you want to uninstall the parental control app, login to the application with your ID and password, and click on “Reset”. Then, follow the 3 steps of uninstalling described in the tutorial screen.

Do you have a problem setting up the parental control app?

Feel free to read our FAQ to solve it.