Get more info about the apps your child uses on Android

We launched few years ago with one ambition: to provide to the parents a tool which helps them managing their children on their smartphones and tablets, while limiting potential risks they can encounter online. Today we want to go further, by giving you more information about your child’s device usage.

This is why we have introduced a new feature in the Android version of the parental control. You can now access to datas about the applications your child have used, and know the time spent on each of them.

Those statistics will give your further details on the way your child uses his smartphone or tablet. You can know what are his favourites apps, and see if he spends too much time on one of them. In this way, we hope you will be abble to start chatting with your kid about his screen time and to edit your rules if needed (allowed apps, allowed amount of time for the day/the week).

This new feature is available on the last version of the app If automatic updates are not activated on your child’s device, go on it and select the Google Play app > Parentsaround parental control > and select the button « Update ».