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To delete your account :

Go to your management console, tab « My account », and click on « Delete my account ». All your data will be deleted.

To uninstall our software :

To uninstall from your computer, log in to your Windows session as an administrator. With Windows 7, go to « All programs », click on « Parentsaround » and then on « Uninstall ». With Windows 8, click on the arrow from the bottom of your home screen, go to the menu « » and choose « Uninstall ».

To uninstall from your Android, log in to your session as a parent, go to "Preferences" and then click on "Uninstall this application".

To uninstall from your iOS device, log in to the application thanks to your ID, and click on “Reset”. Then, follow the 3 steps of uninstalling described in the tutorial screen.