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As close to total parental control as you can get on Android tablets and smartphones

It seems that this is not the most popular / installed parental control app out there. That is surprising as this is the most Mature and Comprehensive software in this rather crowded category. My review will be short -- I have tried some other totally free solutions. Most will work splendidly if you have perhaps just one device and are looking mostly to install it and forget it. Your results will be commensurable. Parents Around is free for try / paid after that app + service. It is geared for multiple devices / multiple kids / varying schedules. You will need to sit down and make decisions regarding your kids computing usage policies. In return for your work (and money)...

Very flexible !

I gave my daughter my old smartphone and took a long time figuring out how to manage it with her so she could have some freedom (download free games from Play store, send texts, etc.) but not total control (install Facebook, use built-in chat, etc.). It was harder than I thought but this software turned out to be the winner. She requests apps and I can approve them remotely, instantly, in email, and she gets them right away. She doesn't browse the web much but it's nice to know her browser is at least semi-"safe." We don't use the time management (yet) but it's nice to know it's there if we need it. She feels very grownup with her own access code and being able to shop and download stuff from the Play store.

Actually works

I've tried several of these programs. Notably Norton Family, a total fail. Funamo also didn't really accomplish what we needed (wasted $ there ...). This one looks pretty second rate, but it DOES work. I have three kids, needed two features: ability to block apps (i.e., YouTube) and restrict time. The latter is where this product seems to be the only one that offers this ... We have our kids on a limit per day which varies by day plus what appears to be a rolling 7-day total limit. So they can make choices about when they play games but aren't able to overdo it.

Good app for kids

Good application to monitor my kid's activities with this gadget, and also to protect him from pornography etc...

So far the best I've come across

Ok I'm still in the free trial, but I reckon I will buy this. I recently bought my 2 daughters tablets and I wanted to make them safe to use while also allowing them different freedoms due to age etc. I didn't realise the tablet I bought had very poor security and privacy controls. I downloaded a few parental control apps and was very disapointed. So anyways this ticks all the boxes for me 1- it can be synced across all devices 2- it has its own extremely safe browser 3- I pick which apps is on their screen

Really good !

I've found it really good so far !

Thank you !

Thank you for your parental control software! My sons (9 and 14) had become almost glued to their computers and prising them away was a real battle. "Please mum, wait a minute, I haven’t finished yet." "Please mum, just 5 minutes, Peter has something important to tell me." Those 5 minutes turned into 20... Then I discovered Parentsaround on Google and it changed everything. Now, it’s no longer the children who decide when to stop, it's the computer that stops them! I gave them a set amount of hours per week and they can now manage their own time!

I am completely satisfied

I found the installation simple and it was easy to set up time slots, and the weekly timetable. My son is a pro at managing his time! Now, he is aware of how much time he spends on the computer. I am completely satisfied with your software and I would recommend it to anyone. Good luck!

Thanks ! All is now well !

My children have taken to the software and become real negotiators (especially during the holidays)! Now, the computer is no longer a point of contention! Thanks a lot! When can we get an iPod version?

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