Windows parental control

The best parental control software for your kid's Windows computer

  • Manage the time he spends on his computer
  • Use our automatic website filtering system and block any sensitive websites
  • Remote control his safety directly from your online dashboard

Your child’s personal computer is a precious tool to discover fun or educative things. But risks of spending too much time on social media and online games exist. Plus, you don’t want to let the door open for inappropriate web content, such as pornography, drug or violence. By subscribing to for a 30 days free trial and by downloading our parental control on your child’s laptop or desktop, you can give him a safer use of his device and preserve your own peace of mind.

Be sure your child uses his computer responsibly with parental control

Prevent your child from being glued to his screen

  • Create schedules to decide at what time your child can use his computer and what times are prohibited (bed time, during his homeworks…).
  • Define the maximum amount of hours of connection for each day or for the week, to help your kid diversify his activities.

Give him only the best of the Internet

  • Apply an Internet filtering tailored to your child’s age to block sensitive content
  • You can also choose manually the authorized and unauthorized websites your child can access or not.

A flexible parental control, which follows you all along your daily life

  • You need to install on your child’s computer, but then our parental control can be remote managed from any device connected to the Internet. You can edit your settings anytime and everywhere.
  • You will receive your child's request for an app and a website directly on your online dashboard and you can respond to them instantly.

Not convinced yet? Don’t forget you have a 30 day FREE TRIAL to test on your kid’s Android phone and on the other devices your family uses. Form your own opinion:

Need help to install and set up parental control?

Discover the the tutorial for Windows computers.